To Order follow

  1. The price mention in the Health Care product is MRP for one pcs or mention package order.
  2. For order of quantity full course at a time or business order price can be negotiable.
  3. Any one can order a item or items of any quantity.
  4. For patient after checkout and successful payment must be WhatsApp/email the  Necessary Documents for shipment required.
  5. For commercial order please contact directly to the WhatsApp Number.
  6. any one can make payment directly on the getaway by your debit and credit card.
  7. For commercial order payment to the bank transfer or negotiation by contract.
  8. After completing the payment the product will process for shipment by DHL.(its take maximum 7 days)
  9. DHL express cost will be added minimum USD 70.00 up to 1 kg.